The Friends of Minack Society Welcome You, whether you know FOMS as a member or have found us via a Tangye or Minack Chronicle search we are delighted you have arrived at this website to enjoy it’s hospitality and learn more about, or re-new your acquaintance with, Derek Tangye’s world famous ‘Minack Chronicles’.

A brief introduction to the Society and it’s aims :- 

The Friends of Minack Society is an independent membership Society set up to celebrate and promote awareness of the achievements of the lives and work of Derek and Jeannie Tangye, not only their writing but also the philosophy of their lives. FOMS also helps support Derek and Jeannie’s chosen charities and the work of the Trust set up by Derek to take care of Oliver Land, the nature reserve he and Jeannie created.

Derek’s collection of books describing their lives at Dorminack (a tiny cottage, run down when they first found it, high on the cliffs above Lamorna Valley, itself home to artists and dreamers of a better way of life) became known as ‘The Minack Chronicles’, Minack being the local name for Dorminack.

The Friends of Minack Society was founded after the death of both Jeannie and Derek Tangye by Pauline Ruffles and the late Tony Finn.

It is now a thriving Society with over 200 members worldwide and based in the part of Cornwall that the Tangyes knew and loved so well, the area of West Penwith. Our Committee members are widespread in the UK and meetings during the year are held via Teleconferencing which keeps us all in touch with Society business and allows us to discuss fresh ideas for FOMS and it’s members.

Our annual AGM is held within a four day ‘Memorial Weekend’ so called because it is always held near to Jeannie Tangye’s birthday and we think of her and Minack as Derek asked his readers to do on that special day the 23rd of March.

All are welcome to take part in our MEMORIAL WEEKEND but please contact the Secretary to let her know which part of the weekend you wish to attend.

Oliver Land, the nature reserve Derek and Jeannie created

FOMS role over the past few years has been to ensure that Derek Tangye’s literary work lives on and by publishing ‘The Minack Chronicles Revisited’ we have brought his work before a new audience and we hope that this new interest will bring about the republishing of Derek’s books in the future. We know from demand for second hand copies that his books are still enormously popular – in fact most of the funds for publishing ‘The Minack Chronicles Revisited’  was raised by FOMS selling second hand copies of the Chronicles, mainly at Tangye’ Corner.

The Friends of Minack Society (FOMS) is a focal point for readers of the Minack Chronicles and ensures that the story of Minack lives on. Membership of FOMS provides its members with a thrice yearly newsletter, ‘Wavelength’, named because Derek wrote that those who loved his books were on his ‘Wavelength’, it contains stories and pictures of the Tangyes, Cornwall and the places Derek wrote about, plus news from members around the world. FOMS is a very inclusive Society and our members are very much treated as friends. Cornwall based members of the committee always endeavour to meet members while they are in Cornwall on holiday if that is their wish.

Via this website you will find you are able to download membership forms, renew or pay for membership via Paypal and purchase ‘The Minack Chronicles Revisited’ a book written by our late Chairman John Nash on the 50th anniversary of the publication of Derek’s first book ‘A Gull on the Roof’. Click on the links to read more about the book, find the downloadable membership form, Memorial Weekend Programme, read a snippet of ‘Wavelength’ (available to read in full on-line for paid up members only) and discover the Derek Tangye and Jeannie Tangye daffodils.

John Nash our dearly loved and much missed late Chairman and author of ‘The Minack Chronicles Revisited’ wrote:-
Although it was as much what he and Jeannie DID and their philosophy on life that drew me to the books and to join the Friends of Minack, I’ll say without hesitation that Derek proved many times in the Chronicles that he was capable of some very fine descriptive prose indeed. I’ll leave it to one of Derek’s hardest literary critics, and his personal friend, David Cornwell (John le Carré), to put into words what so many people feel about his work:
‘Derek Tangye gave more comfort and more joy in his lifetime than most writers dream of’.
“Coming from one of this country’s most admired and successful authors, I think Derek would happily settle for this” John Nash (Chairman 2006 – 2012)

 So read on and discover yourself in a whole new world – the World of Minack!