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‘Wavelength’ is full of Minack, Tangye, Cornwall and other stories and pictures from members in Cornwall and around the world. Recollections and photographs from those who met either or both of the Tangyes and reports on visits to them.

‘Wavelength’ aims to keep members near and far in touch with the Minack story and the leading characters in those wonderful tales. Derek and Jeannie of course and their beloved animals, cats, donkeys and gulls plus the beautiful Cornish coastline they looked out on daily.

The Friends of Minack Society news and what the Society is planning – quizzes and letters from members also have their place in the newsletter.

It can be received as hard copy or via PDF file – it is a great addition to the membership as every member has a chance to contribute.


Here are some extracts from previous ‘Wavelengths’

“…… At last the day of the auction arrived. I sat at my desk in anticipation, staring at the phone waiting nervously for a call that would tell me the bidding was finished.

I had been expecting a long wait and tried to get on with some work in the meantime, so when a call came through I assumed it would be a general enquiry. Suddenly heard Gerald’s voice speaking with urgency saying ‘we have got you Jeannie’s picture but to complete the sale you must ring the auction house immediately giving details of payment…..’.

From ‘Wavelength’ Autumn 2014







“I just love the sound of a donkey braying, there was quite a bit of that while walking around the Donkey Sanctuary, it completely adds to the atmosphere. Lots of very happy donkeys enjoying the good life in wonderful surroundings being watched over by keen volunteers along with the many visitors who had come to see them…….”

From ‘Wavelength’ Autumn 2014













The Lizard Lighthouse



From the Lizard Lighthouse to Tater Du with Minack

Derek wrote many times of the Lizard Lighthouse and its reassuring ‘Winking Light’ as he looked Eastwards.

And as Derek related, Tater Du’s doleful hoot, at the bottom of their cliff, drove him to distraction when the weather was clear.

(Minack photo by Roger Hamlin)


Taken from ‘Wavelength’ Winter / Spring 2014 /15 edition