Chronicles RevisitedThe MINACK CHRONICLES REVISITED is the story of Derek and Jeannie Tangye, a young couple who became pioneers in the search for a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle. It includes the full original text of A Gull on the Roof, the first of the best selling book series that became known as ‘The Minack Chronicles’ and made Derek one of Britain’s most loved authors.  In this autobiographical book he recounts the story of how they left high-powered careers in London to start a new life on the far west coast of Cornwall, and how, despite the trials and tribulations of living in a dilapidated cottage with no running water, electricity or telephone, they founded a flower farm.  In the following 17 titles he built an international readership eager to follow as he wove his gently stories around the minutiae of their simple lifestyle and of the animals and birds that came to live with them.  In large format hardback with foil blocked covers, a full colour dustjacket, and well over 200 pages in total, The Minack Chronicles Revisited includes biographies of Derek and Jeannie and of how they met and came to Minack; interviews with their friends and characters that featured in the Chronicles, plus an appreciation of this beautiful part of West Cornwall and the Oliver Land Nature Reserve that Derek founded.  It has been sponsored by the worldwide Friends of Minack Society to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of ‘A Gull on the Roof’.  Fully illustrated and written in a lively and informal style by FOMS (late) Chairman John Nash, it provides the backdrop to this first book in the Chronicles, newly typeset, but with all Jeannie Tangye’s original line drawings in place.

   Produced entirely in Cornwall, The Minack Chronicles Revisited is a fitting tribute to Derek and Jeannie’s time at Minack and to their literary and nature conservancy legacy.  For existing readers it will give an insight into what motivated Derek and Jeannie to give up the ‘successful’ but unfulfilling lifestyle in London, and is an ideal gift to introduce a friend to the Chronicles, or to keep yourself as a personal memento of the 50th anniversary.  For anyone new to these two pioneers of the ‘good life’ it will introduce you to one of the first books published that spoke directly to, and gave hope to those that felt they were becoming lost in a materialistic cul-de-sac. 

Since all hardback copies of the book have now been sold, FOMS has had a small limited issue, softback reprint of the book done.  These are now available to buy at a cost of £20.00 plus p&p.  

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John Nash 2011

What others have said about ‘
The Minack Chronicles Revisited’

A beautifully produced and attractive book which is selling very well indeed.  Lots of readers still ask for Derek Tangye books.”

(“Books Plus”, Penzance, Cornwall)


Written in an attractive, informal style and immensely readable, it is informative, generously illustrated and a superb tribute to two well-remembered and still much-missed people.”

(Frank Ruhrmund, reviewer for “The Cornishman”)


In The Minack Chronicles Revisited, Lamorna writer and chairman of The Friends of Minack Society John Nash, tells the story of the pioneer couple.  This illustrated legacy of the Tangyes includes a 50th anniversary edition of Derek’s first book and will appeal to anyone dreaming of escaping the “madding crowd”.

(Editors Choice ‘Cornwall Today’ January 2013 – reviewed by Yayeri van Baarsen)

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